Apply to host WPCampus 2019 on your campus

The main event for the WPCampus community is our summer, in-person conference. It gives us a chance to come together (from all over the world) to learn, share ideas, network, and explore. If you’d be willing to help plan and host an event, we’d love to bring our community to your campus. It’s a great opportunity to invest in higher education, education technology, and accessibility. WPCampus will take applications until midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST) on FRIDAY, February 15, 2019.

WPCampus speaker training recordings are available

WPCampus aims to prioritize and promote diversity in the general community, and in its events. One of the best ways to ensure a broad representation – and to encourage even more – is to have diverse speakers. If you missed our first group of speaker training, you can now watch the recordings. A huge thank you to Jen McFarland, Maryann Reissig, and our Diversity and Inclusion team for their work.

WPCampus Online seeking sponsors for 2019 event

WPCampus Online is seeking sponsors for our January 31, 2019 event. We are still working to finalize our packages but, if you’re interested in sponsoring, we’d love to hear from you.

Get your WPCampus swag

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