Contributor: Andrew Bauer

Andrew Bauer

Director of Development, 5HD Agency@awbauer9

As WordPress Core Contributor and veteran of Boston University’s Web Team, Andrew Bauer is truly passionate about open source. He’s worked to build and maintain massive Higher Ed WordPress platforms – scaling over 10M monthly views and 1,000+ production sites. As Director of Development for 5HD Agency (just outside of Boston), Andrew helps clients solve business problems and bring cutting-edge digital experiences to life.

Session: WPaaS: A Centralized Approach to Managing WordPress At Boston University

This one’s for everybody! In this talk, we’ll cover the organizational and technical benefits of running a multi-network, multi-site WordPress as the primary CMS at Boston University. We’ll highlight specific strategies, including organizational policies, development workflows and team structure that allow us to serve over a million users per month. We’re here to help dispel…

Session: Bringing ideas to life: Talking tech for non-technical folks

Finding it tough to translate your ideas into developer-speak? Not even sure where to start? Working with developers doesn’t have to be a headache! This presentation covers key strategies that will make your relationships with developers (or IT teams) flow like a well-oiled machine. You’ll leave with tips and technical vocabulary to help you become…

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