Contributor: Ronnie Burt

Ronnie Burt

General Manager, Education & Hosting Services, CampusPress@ronnieburt

Ronnie leads the team behind the CampusPress, Edublogs, and WPMU DEV Hosting services, which power thousands of WordPress sites for higher ed institutions small and large. A former educator, wannabe musician and math nerd, Ronnie is a Longhorn football-obsessed resident of Austin, Texas.

Blog: Meet CampusPress and WPMU DEV, WPCampus 2019 Sponsors

CampusPressĀ has powered WordPress Multisite networks for thousands of schools and universities around the world. WPMU DEVĀ is giving WordPress superpowers to users around the world. We are so happy to have these companies as sponsors of WPCampus 2019.

Podcast: Multisite Use Cases, with CampusPress

The last couple of episodes of the podcast focused on big changes to WordPress—Gutenberg and GDPR privacy tools. It’s easy to get caught up in the energy and the drama of changes like that, but they’re not really why people use WordPress in higher ed. So why do we use WordPress? What makes it such […]

Blog: Meet CampusPress, WPCampus 2018 Sponsor

This post is part of a series featuring sponsors from our WPCampus 2018 conference. Events like WPCampus would not be possible without the support of these amazing organizations. Be sure to check out their services and say hi to them in St. Louis. CampusPress is thrilled to help support WPCampus for the 3rd year in […]

Session: Code reviews: People use it, so it must be fine

Let’s take a look at what makes a quality theme or plug-in. We’ll share the guidelines that we follow and the automated tools that we use to evaluate plug-ins and themes for performance, reliability, accessibility and security. We’ll perform a shortened live review of a popular theme to illustrate the process.

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