Contributor: Daniel Cunsolo

Daniel Cunsolo

Senior WordPress Engineer, FlowPress

Daniel is an experienced senior developer with a demonstrated history of working with enterprise environments. He is skilled in PHP, WordPress, JavaScript and mobile applications. He’s passionate about exploring new technologies through continuous improvement to the engineering process. Daniel is a developer on many specialty brand sites used by millions of Canadians, including The Loop, MTV Canada, Space, MUCH and FORA. He has worked on award-winning brand partnerships including Rogue Shark, Ford Limitless, Xperia Made of Imagination and IN24. He has experience working with a variety web APIs and frameworks such as Knockout, AngularJS, Foundation and Bootstrap to build custom front ends for WordPress.

Session: A technical plan for success: Preparing to optimize 4,000+ sites at NYU

Universities today leverage WordPress Multisite to empower students, update faculty content and course notes, and bring entire communities together. With large multisites and small teams, it is common for performance headaches to occur: faculty can’t update or create course sites, students can’t blog and share their stories, and the internal dev team struggles with losing…

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