Contributor: David Dashifen Kees

David Dashifen Kees

By day, David Dashifen Kees is a mild-mannered programmer living in Virginia working for the Web Services unit within Georgetown University's Information Services department. By night ... they're pretty much the same thing except asleep. Programming since the sixth grade, Dash has been writing web applications in academia since 1998 and evangelizing WordPress since 2010. They program with tabs, uses two spaces after a period, and you can pry the Oxford comma from his cold, dead hands. Pronouns: they/them

Video: Them and us: Using the WordPress REST API to display both public and private content

You can learn more about this session on the WPCampus 2017 website at Session Description: In higher education, we work with a lot of sensitive information. Even data that’s not federally protected might need to be kept private only to members of a specific faculty group, research center or set of course coordinators. The […]