Contributor: David Needham

David Needham

Developer Advocate, Pantheon@davidneedham

David Needham is a Developer Advocate at Pantheon where he focuses on developer education and training. When he's not blogging about productivity at or speaking at conferences, you can probably find him with his bicycle-loving family playing board games in Champaign, IL.

Session: Delivering great presentations (and helping others do it too!)

Do you get nervous when thinking about speaking to a group of people?  Public speaking can be very rewarding, but the desire doesn’t come naturally. The good news is that YOU have something important to contribute, and you don’t have to be an expert. All non-technical and underrepresented people have unique stories to tell that…

Blog: Meet Pantheon, WPCampus 2018 Sponsor

This post is part of a series featuring sponsors from our WPCampus 2018 conference. Events like WPCampus would not be possible without the support of these amazing organizations. Be sure to check out their services and say hi to them in St. Louis. The WPCampus community is proud to announce Pantheon as a President Sponsor […]

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