Contributor: Michael Fienen

Michael Fienen

Michael Fienen is the former Director of Web Marketing for Pittsburg State University and is currently the CTO of nuCloud, LLC and the senior developer at Aquent. Michael has a decade of background in the challenges faced by web developers in higher ed, and he continues to seek out solutions to help simplify and improve the processes people use in that space. His advice: do less better, data is life, and learn to say “no.”

Session: Acceptable application of analytics for your academic areas

During this workshop, Michael Fienen will walk you through a number of techniques and processes that will enable you to take your implementation of Google Analytics well beyond a plain set-it-and-forget-it configuration. Better analytics allows you to make better informed decisions and save time (plus you look super smart in meetings when you can answer…

Podcast: WordPress Security

WordPress has a relationship with Security that can often be described as “contentious, ” but it doesn’t have to be that way! In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss how Security and WordPress can work together to bring you a secure website and safe campus network as well as how to navigate these discussions with your IT […]

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