Contributor: Mikey Veenstra

Mikey Veenstra

Research Analyst, SiteLock@heyitsmikeyv

Mikey is a researcher, writer, and speaker who specializes in malware identification and taxonomy. He is passionate about information security, data privacy, and the open source community. He holds a GWAPT certification and is a member of the GIAC Advisory Board. As a Threat Analyst at Defiant, Mikey analyzes threat intelligence in order to provide up-to-date malware signatures and firewall rules to Wordfence users worldwide. Outside of his work he enjoys tabletop gaming and cooking, and dreams of starting a nonprofit to make DFIR more accessible to charities. Find Mikey on Twitter at @heyitsmikeyv.

Session: What the hack? Fortifying your security by understanding your adversary

Malicious activity is an unfortunate reality when maintaining a web presence today. Most people involved in the web industry know someone who encountered the aftermath of a disruptive attack — if they haven’t themselves. Because of this, awareness of security best practices is at an all-time high. To many, though, it may not be clear…

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