Contributor: Jeremy Felt

Jeremy Felt

WordPress Developer, Washington State University@jeremyfelt

Jeremy Felt is the senior WordPress developer at Washington State University, a WordPress core committer and the maintainer of VVV. He believes in free and open source software and enjoys being part of the WordPress community. He will encourage you to share your work.

Session: Understanding multisite: how to efficiently manage the university web

Maintaining, updating, securing, and supporting a WordPress site takes time. If you have multiple installations across—or even within—faculties or departments, this time can add up quick. This workshop will give you the knowledge and fundamentals of how WordPress multisite can help get back some of that time. You’ll learn when—and importantly when not—to use multisite,…

Session: What I’ve learned from five years of WordPress at a public university

Over the last five years at Washington State University, we have built a single multi-network WordPress Multisite installation into the university’s primary content management system. All six campus locations, 11 colleges and hundreds of departments between have at least some presence on WordPress. In this talk I’ll cover assumptions I had when starting in higher…

Session: Future-proofing against the next big change

A few years ago, everyone had to overhaul all of their websites to become ‘responsive’ and now we’re overhauling everything to be ‘accessible’. As we plan for Gutenberg and GDPR, we have to ask ourselves: What are the next big changes up ahead and how do we better anticipate them to get prepared before the…

Podcast: WordPress Multisite

A WordPress multisite network allows you to run and manage multiple WordPress sites from a single WordPress installation. In today’s podcast, we’re going to dive in and discuss the benefits, drawbacks, use cases, and how you can take advantage of unifying multiple websites under one WordPress install. We’ll also touch on multisite security and performance. […]

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