Contributor: Joel Goodman

Joel Goodman

Principal, Bravery Media@joelgoodman

I run a service design and product development studio planted squarely in the higher education sector. We create daring solutions to the core challenges facing institutions of higher learning. Bravery Media exists to improve the reputations, business functions, and efficacy of institutions of higher education. We propel higher ed toward its potential.

Session: Redesigning a university website for results

Redesigning a university website is a hard enough prospect when you think of all the stakeholders, egos, and politics at play. How does strategy ever even have a chance to get off the ground? Joel Goodman and a small team spent the first half of 2018 working with National University to redesign their institutional website.…

Session: Engaging accepted students through WordPress

Most traditional colleges and universities fear one thing: melt. After a prospective student becomes an accepted student, how do you successfully keep that individual connected and excited about joining your campus community? Institutions have tried everything: a nagging email cadence, digital games and contests, Facebook groups and stacks of paper mailers and postcards. Yet, it…

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