Contributor: Kate Reynolds

Kate Reynolds

Curriculum Director, TEL Library@k8monstrsCloset

I am a Curriculum and Technology consultant for TEL Library. Before TEL, I spent over five years working in higher education. When I'm not using WordPress to make education affordable, I'm using it to blog about the things I enjoy - niche academic sub-genres and general geekery. Say hi to me on Twitter @k8monstsCloset.

Session: Designing for reuse: Taxonomies, tagging, and plugins for modular lesson content

TEL Library is a public, non-profit learning library dedicated to building a scalable and sustainable library of openly licensed, free, and affordable content solutions. We also re-package and re-use that content to offer curriculum solutions (courses, media books, etc.) that enable our partners to offer affordable education. Two things make this possible: Our content design…

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