Lori Packer

Director of Digital Media, University of Rochester@LoriPA
As director of digital media at the University of Rochester, Lori Packer is responsible for the design, maintenance and content strategy for several central university websites, including the university’s homepage and news site. Her team also manages the university’s central social media accounts and strategy. Lori is also part of the design and editorial team for Futurity.org, an online magazine for research news from more than 60 universities around the world.

Podcast: Succeeding at Content Strategy And Everything Else

Like a lot of web tools, WordPress is built and sold as “easy to use.” That’s one of the ways I pitch WordPress to users on my campus—it’s so easy to put content online. But even if it’s technically easy to publish, the actual work of planning and executing a content strategy that aligns with […]

Video: A four-step guide on how to succeed at practically anything - WPCampus 2017

You can learn more about this session on the WPCampus 2017 website at https://2017.wpcampus.org/schedule/guide-to-succeed/. Session Description: We all have to start somewhere. But if you work in an office that has not yet embraced the concepts, workflows and processes that a content strategy requires — in other words, you work in an office where no one […]