Contributor: Charles Fulton

Charles Fulton

Senior Web Application Developer, Lafayette College@mackensen

Charles Fulton is a senior web applications developer at Lafayette College and frequent train rider. He helps oversee Lafayette’s web infrastructure, including Moodle, WordPress, Redmine and MediaWiki. He architected Lafayette’s version control environment and works closely with the server administration team to manage the college’s database and web servers. Charles also serves on the Development Committee for the Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project (CLAMP) and helps integrate the Liberal Arts Edition distribution.

Session: Composing continuously

When you have a handful of sites, updating plugins and core from the Web GUI, and managing your theme in GIT works.  But what happens when you have dozens if not hundreds of sites? How do you manage changes in an efficient, standard fashion, that minimizes downtime? Enter Composer, a package manager for PHP that…

Session: Don’t Push Rocks Uphill: Deploying WordPress with Capistrano and Composer

Get to know Charles before he presents. Learn how he got started on the web, why he works in higher education, and who he follows on Twitter. At Lafayette College we were already using git to manage our WordPress multisite networks, but our process depended on a cumbersome submodule-based approach and browser-based upgrades. We ditched all…

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