Contributor: Peter Arbaugh

Peter Arbaugh

Instructional Technologist, NYU IT@peter_arbaugh

Peter is a graduate of the digital media design for learning program at New York University. He is interested in instructional design and evaluation, games in education, second language acquisition and the design of museum spaces from an educational perspective.

Session: Scaling with student workers (yes, we give them admin access)

Relying on students to run your WordPress multisite sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be.  NYU Web Publishing is a tool and a service which empowers faculty, students and staff to create their own websites, and student workers have helped us scale to more than 10,000 user created sites.  Learn how NYU created an…

Session: How to scale WordPress across a university

Let’s talk about scale! Does your WordPress service scale well? Do your users agree? If remote access is a factor at your statewide system, your satellite institution (or that really far building), then this session is for you. NYU has campuses around the world, yet our model for scaling WordPress can work for schools of…

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