Contributor: Robin Smail

Robin Smail

UX designer, Penn State@Robin2go

Session: Let’s talk accessibility

Accessibility is an important topic that drives a lot of what we create and maintain in higher education. Join this panel of accessibility experts to discuss the importance of accessibility and what its impact means for your campus and the world wide web.

Session: How do I wrangle this UX thing?

Five years ago user experience wasn’t even a phrase in our lexicon, but now you hear it everywhere, and higher ed is finally taking notice. Join us as we talk about the fundamentals of UX design, how it overlaps with your own job duties, and what skill sets can help make you more valuable at…

Session: Composing continuously

When you have a handful of sites, updating plugins and core from the Web GUI, and managing your theme in GIT works.  But what happens when you have dozens if not hundreds of sites? How do you manage changes in an efficient, standard fashion, that minimizes downtime? Enter Composer, a package manager for PHP that…

Session: Accessibility and life beyond the ALT tag

When we talk about design and the web, for some reason we don’t believe we can have our beautiful cake and access it too. Sometimes, the idea of accessibility seems like a bucket of water on a campfire—not the kind of sizzle we are want for our website. And yet I tell you, there’s hope.…

Session: Future-proofing against the next big change

A few years ago, everyone had to overhaul all of their websites to become ‘responsive’ and now we’re overhauling everything to be ‘accessible’. As we plan for Gutenberg and GDPR, we have to ask ourselves: What are the next big changes up ahead and how do we better anticipate them to get prepared before the…

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