Contributor: Roy Sivan

Roy Sivan

Senior Software Engineer, The Walt Disney Company@royboy789

People like to say hi to me. I have been developing for the web for a very long time, and using WordPress since it was in beta. I currently love to code bleeding edge technology which includes using JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular.

Session: JavaScript Applications Powered by WordPress and AngularJS

JavaScript is a powerful language that you can use to do simple UI things like animation to building complex multi view single page applications. I want to focus on a small piece of functionality that you may need built. Whether it is a complex form, a UI piece to help with engagement, or something else…

Session: The Case for the WordPress REST API

The talk will focus towards non-developers, and use no code, but will explain a very developer-focused tool / addition to WordPress. Takeaways will include understanding of what the API is on a high-level, and also what it can be used to create.

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