Contributor: Neel Shah

Neel Shah

New York University@NeelShah91

Neel Shah is an entrepreneur and developer with 7 years of experience developing websites and custom solutions for businesses and their online presence. He is currently working as IT Specialist and Technical Lead for NYU’s Web Publishing service which offers WordPress to faculty, staff and students for educational use case. He has been keen with automation since past few years and has been developing automated processes to assist users with their repetitive tasks. One of which is the WordPress Site Setup Wizard Plugin. He is also actively involved with the startup community and is passionate about solving problems in healthcare management when available.

Session: Extending WP-Signup Form to Allow Users to Create Sites Effectively

Site Setup Wizard is a WordPress plugin that allows extending wp-signup.php with additional features such as selecting site’s privacy, site type, plugins to be activated, etc. before creating a site. It helps develop a workflow for students and faculty to for select different options while creating a site based on their user role. It also takes…

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