Contributor: Shane Pearlman

Shane Pearlman

CEO, Modern Tribe@justlikeair

Hi I’m Shane. I’m the CEO at Modern Tribe Inc. We get to work with some of the worlds top companies (SAP, MTV, Bon Appetit, eBay, Microsoft…) and higher education (MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, UCSF…). Beyond services, we are committed to open source and our plugins are pushing five million downloads. The events calendar has evolved into a multi-million dollar freemium plugin business. Before Modern Tribe, I was educational director at a private learning institution, and taught both in public and private settings for a number of years.

Session: Higher Ed WordPress Showcase

In November of 2015, University of Colorado shared the result of a 132 university CMS survey. WordPress was overwhelmingly the CMS of choice for secondary properties, and the second place winner for primary university domains. Stats like these are amazing and encouraging to see. Brass tacks though, seeing is believing. I have consistently found that…

Podcast: 2016 WPCampus Survey

In May 2016, WPCampus organized a groundbreaking survey of educational institutions asking how they’re using WordPress. We’ll be discussing the results with Shane Pearlman of Modern Tribe, who took the lead organizing and conducting that survey. This episode features WPCampus members Brian DeConinck, Jen McFarland, and Shane Pearlman. Episode Audio

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