Contributor: Stephanie Leary

Stephanie Leary

WordPress Consultant@sleary

Stephanie is a full-time WordPress consultant. Prior to striking out on her own, she worked for the Texas A&M University Writing Center, the Texas A&M System Offices, and the Texas A&M Health Science Center. She still does consulting work for Texas A&M and other institutions of higher education.

Session: Higher ed plugin roundup

WordPress slices, it dices, it makes julienned fries—but what’s the best plugin for each of those things while complying with the accessibility, branding and hosting requirements of higher ed? In this session, we’ll run down the plugins most commonly used in higher ed, as well as the ones developed (or forked) in-house and open sourced…

Session: Getting to WordPress

Getting started with WordPress is easy — unless you got started a long time ago in some other CMS, or Dreamweaver or even (shudder) FrontPage. But you and WordPress can still have a happy relationship despite your baggage! In this session, I’ll show you how to import almost anything into WordPress. I’ll share examples from…

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