Contributor: Steve Ryan

Steve Ryan

Arizona native. I'm in to #Suns basketball, tennis, and karaoke. Wife + one toddler at home, both of which keep me super busy.

Session: Please Don’t Freak Out: Managing Change Moments Across Diverse Groups

WordPress 5.0 is around the corner and should contain a major upgrade to the default post editor. Project Gutenberg and the changes that it may be bringing to the WordPress ecosystem has been a hotly debated topic over the last several months. The change moment introduces some really cool features designed to make the process…

Session: Shaping User Roles for Higher Education

Creating an optimal experience for a community of WordPress users that have varying levels of expertise is a tough task. It’s made especially harder in higher education by the fact that the community of users which require support can potentially change with each semester. This presentation will provide a model to overcome some of those…

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