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Eric Sembrat

Nerd extraordinaire.

Podcast: The Schedule for WPCampus 2019

Coming soon to lovely Portland, OR is the 2019 WPCampus conference! The schedule of sessions is now available and in this episode, WPCampus members Brian DeConinck and Jen McFarland are joined by WPCampus 2019 Program co-chair Eric Sembrat. Eric reviews some of the content planned for this year’s event, and some ways in which folks […]

Session: Tame the WordPress MU beast with website renewal services

We’ve all been there. We kickstart a website service, like a WordPress MultiUser (MU), and provide it to our end users. Glorious days are had, and the web proliferates with easy-to-update, maintained, and university-branded websites. But then comes the dreaded tick-tock of passed time. Site owners leave the institution and lose access to their sites.…

Session: Dare to share: Design principles for using CMSs in academic research

Higher-education and research are synonymous: educating the next genius and engineering the future. However, the two areas in universities are, in many campuses, leagues apart in how they create, consume, and distribute web applications. Research utilizing web applications, from custom PHP applications to content management system customizations and plugins, are commonly built as stand-alone, narrow…

Session: Unbundle Your Institution: Building a Web Ecosystem

Content management systems like WordPress are incredibly powerful, but we can get accustomed to the benefits, drawbacks, and development environment of the system without thinking about the bigger picture: what’s coming down the road? What’s new? Does this system fit my (users) needs? Is there a seismic change coming? In this talk, I’ll approach the…

Podcast: Your Campus Web Ecosystem

On many campuses, WordPress isn’t the only CMS in use. And if we start thinking about learning management systems, campus portals, and the many other ways our schools use the web, WordPress is clearly just one part of a complex web landscape. This episode features WPCampus community members Brian DeConinck and Eric Sembrat. Eric is a developer and […]

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