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Video: Designing for reuse: Taxonomies, tagging, and plugins for modular lesson content

TEL Library is a public, non-profit learning library dedicated to building a scalable and sustainable library of openly licensed, free, and affordable content solutions. We also re-package and re-use that content to offer curriculum solutions (courses, media books, etc.) that enable our partners to offer affordable education. Two things make this possible: 1. Our content […]

Video: WordPress as an LMS

You can learn more about this session on the WPCampus Online website at Session Description: If you’re looking for your first LMS (or starting fresh by leaving an old one behind), the number of choices you have can be overwhelming. But there’s one option you may not have thought of that can be a […]

Podcast: WordPress as a Learning Management System

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How does WordPress work as a Learning Management System? What are the challenges in setting it up for this purpose? What are the best practices, great plugins, and most practical ways to use WordPress as an LMS? We (try) to answer those questions this week. For this episode, we are joined by WPCampus members @darichardson, @kimshivler, […]