You must be a member of the WPCampus community to be involved with this interest group. If you are not currently a member, it’s really easy to get involved.

The WPCampus community has a weekly general interest meeting to discuss current and future initiatives, topics, and events. This meeting is led by our Director, Rachel Cherry.


The WPCampus Community meeting is every Thursday at 11 a.m. Eastern time. The meeting lasts for an hour.


The meetings take place in our Slack #planning channel.

Agenda and minutes

The meeting’s agenda and minutes are maintained in a Google Doc and set by the Tuesday before the meeting.

Who can join the meeting

All members of the WPCampus community are free to join. However, you must be a member of our Slack team.

If you are not a member of our Slack team, you can use our Get Involved form to join. If you have already filled out the form, please contact us and include which email address you’d like to use for the invitation.

Code of Conduct

WPCampus seeks to provide a friendly, safe environment. All participants should be able to engage in productive dialogue. They should share and learn with each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We require all participants adhere to ourĀ code of conduct. This applies to all community interaction and events.

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