Create accessible navigation from scratch with WordPress

Create accessible navigation from scratch with WordPress

No matter how users get to your sites, they deserve an inclusive, accessible experience. A main navigation component built with accessibility in mind goes a long way towards this goal. Fortunately, WordPress leaves the implementation of accessibility best practices up to theme and plugin developers. This means that by carefully thinking about how to build […]

Designing for reuse: Taxonomies, tagging, and plugins for modular lesson content

TEL Library is a public, non-profit learning library dedicated to building a scalable and sustainable library of openly licensed, free, and affordable content solutions. We also re-package and re-use that content to offer curriculum solutions (courses, media books, etc.) that enable our partners to offer affordable education. Two things make this possible: 1. Our content […]

Scaling with student workers (yes, we give them admin access)

Relying on students to run your WordPress multisite sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be. NYU Web Publishing is a tool and a service which empowers faculty, students and staff to create their own websites, and student workers have helped us scale to more than 10,000 user created sites. Learn how NYU created an […]

Access granted: Working with an accessibility mindset

Accessibility can be difficult to approach as an an organization. It is a complicated topic, and it is difficult to know where to begin, and it is hard to know when you’ve sufficiently met the requirements. But accessibility complaints are prevalent, and educational institutions need to build online experiences that don’t leave students behind to […]

Documentation for developers

Developers who love to write documentation are pretty rare. But, documentation is a critically necessary evil throughout a website’s life – from initial development through to ongoing support and enhancements. How much documentation is too much? Not enough? As developers, how can we produce meaningful documentation that supports our code and sets it up for […]

Where creativity works: building a student recruitment blog with WordPress

In this session I will share how I harnessed the power of WordPress to create a successful unique multipurpose student recruitment blog for the Art Department at my university. I will start by exploring the genesis of the idea for the blog and then speak to the blog’s design and development. I will discuss blogger […]

Faculty visions meet WordPress’ information architecture

“Should this be a post or a page?” “How many tags should we have?” These may sound like old-hat questions to people who work with WordPress every day, but they are often fresh questions without clear answers for faculty working on collaborative, course-based WordPress sites. Academic projects bring varieties of information architectures, and each faculty […]

Code is poetry - why code quality really matters

Constant code refactoring, missed deadlines and exploding costs are some of the consequences of bad code quality. In this talk I will try to convince you that good code quality, whether you are a one-man shop or a full-fledged development team, will help you to become truly Agile, honor deadlines and will improve the general […]

The grass is always greener: What do other CMSs offer higher education?

While WordPress has a substantial presence in higher education, it’s not the only game in town. Most colleges and universities have multiple content management platforms in play across campus: used by different schools, departments, research centers, labs, facilities, libraries, athletics, alumni and admissions. Even some smaller colleges, in my experience, end up with 3-4 different […]

The what and why of WordPress security

I’m sure you’ve read at least one “Guide to WordPress Security” or “Top Ten Tips to Keep Your WordPress Site Safe” articles. Maybe you even implemented a few, or all, of the suggestions. But did you understand why certain items were suggested, or what exactly they accomplished? In this session will discuss the most common […]