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Job category: Event Planning

Are you the right fit for this role?

Are you someone with a passion for bringing people together? For helping folks learn, grow, and elevate themselves and others?

Are you passionate about bringing WordPress users together to help advance higher education?

Networking, education, and social collaboration can be a powerful thing. WPCampus recognizes the importance of our annual in-person event and the need for more frequent events throughout the year.

We understand the power of community and the importance of presence and engagement. We understand the desire for opportunities to engage, educate, collaborate, learn, and create.

In the past, WPCampus events have run on the passion and vision of Rachel Cherry. Now WPCampus needs a new leader for this role.

We are looking for someone with a vision and a desire to bring our community together because you know what the talented, smart, and kind individuals in this space can do and create together.

WPCampus doesn’t have to keep doing the same thing. In this position, you will have the power to bring new ideas to life.

As the WPCampus Director of Events, you will also have a seat on the WPCampus Board of Directors and have an influential voice in the organization.

Like all current positions at WPCampus, the Director of Events is an unpaid volunteer position, which is also part-time and remote.

Other leadership opportunities

The WPCampus Events Committee was chartered at last month’s Board meeting. The following is a list of committees scheduled to be charted at this month’s meeting that will also require Director positions. Subscribe to the Job Board for updates.

  • WPCampus Communications Committee
  • WPCampus Membership Committee
  • WPCampus Librarian Committee
  • WPCampus Technical Committee

Goals and Objectives

The primary purpose of the WPCampus Events Committee is to organize conferences and events in support of the organization’s mission and goals.

The committee’s goals and objectives include:

  • Organize successful, sustainable, and engaging conferences (and other events) that provide attendees with valuable learning experiences, networking opportunities, and inspiration.
  • Ensure all technical and logistical needs of the events are met and maintained, including venue selection, catering, audio-visual equipment, and registration systems.
  • Continuously improve the event experience by gathering feedback from attendees, patrons, and presenters and use that feedback to make informed decisions about future events.
  • Develop and implement new initiatives to help the organization achieve its mission and goals, such as expanding reach by creating new events.
  • Ensure all events are inclusive, equitable, and accessible to all attendees.
  • Maintain documentation about event planning.
  • Foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and empowerment among committee members and volunteers.
  • Collaborate with other committees and teams within WPCampus, such as the Communications, Membership, or Technical Committee, to ensure that all aspects of the organization’s operations are aligned.

Overall, the WPCampus Events Committee is committed to creating high-quality events that support the community of WordPress users in higher education and provide opportunities for learning, growth, and connection.

Responsibilities and Scope

In terms of responsibilities, the WPCampus Events Committee will:

  • Meet on a regular basis, typically once a month.
  • Provide monthly reports to the board on the status of initiatives and events.
  • Remain fiscally responsible with the committee’s allocated budget.
  • Submit proposals to request additional funding or resources as needed.
  • Make recommendations to the board regarding organizational events.
  • Work closely with other committees to ensure the organization’s events align with the organization’s overall goals.

In terms of scope, the WPCampus Events Committee committee will:

  • The committee’s work will include all organizational matters related to events.
  • Have the authority to make event-related decisions on behalf of the organization.
  • The scope of the committee’s authority will be limited to making event-related decisions on behalf of the organization.

The WPCampus Events Committee will largely be responsible for oversight of all WPCampus events. However, that does not mean that the base committee will be responsible for organizing all WPCampus events. The committee can create subcommittees, for example, the “WPCampus 2024 Planning Committee” or the “WPCampus 2025 Site Selection Committee”.

The event subcommittees will report to the Events Committee, which will, in turn, report to the WPCampus Board of Directors.

Duration of Committee

The events committee will be a standing committee. The committee’s timeline for achieving its goals will be ongoing, with regular reviews and updates as needed.

There will not be a deadline for the duration of the Director’s tenure. The Director will have regular reviews and check-ins with the Board to establish


The events committee will develop a budget to be approved by the board. Once approved, the events committee will have the authority to spend its allocated budget as long as purchases align with the committee’s scope and purpose. The committee can request additional resources from the board.


Membership on the committee will be open to all individuals with relevant expertise, with new members recruited continuously.

Chair of the Events Committee

The committee can impose its own membership and governance structure but must have at least one chairperson.

The committee chairperson is an ex officio voting member of the WPCampus Board of Directors. As a board member, the Chair of the Events Committee must attend board meetings and abide by all guidelines under the WPCampus Bylaws.

The committee will communicate with the board through its chairperson.


The committee is encouraged to have a vice-chair who assists the chairperson in their duties and acts as the liaison in their absence.

The committee is also encouraged to appoint a “secretary” or librarian to assist in managing the committee’s reporting.

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