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WPCampus Committees are groups of community members working towards the support of a common goal in support of our community and organization.

Some of our committees are “standing”, which means their timeline is ongoing, with regular reviews and updates as needed. Non-standing committees are established on an as-needed basis. Once they have met their specific goal or deadline, they are dissolved.

Committees are empowered to define their own governance, e.g., how often they meet and how they manage projects, as long as they meet defined responsibilities and expectations. Each committee will have a representative who communicates with the Board.

How to join a committee

Visit the Job Board to check for open positions. Otherwise, contact the committee chair to express your interest.

Be notified of opportunities

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Our committees

Standing committees

A standing committee is a committee that doesn’t have an “end date”. The committee’s timeline for achieving its goals will be ongoing, with regular reviews and updates as needed.

  • WPCampus Events Committee
  • WPCampus Communications Committee (coming soon)
  • WPCampus Membership Committee (coming soon)
  • WPCampus Librarian Committee (coming soon)
  • WPCampus Technical Committee (coming soon)

Non-standing committees

WPCampus often needs to establish non-standing or temporary committees to assist in specific projects.

  • WPCampus Board Nominating Committee

Expectations of Committee Members

Expectations for committee members include, but are not limited to:

  • Attend any synchronous meetings based on committee preferences.
  • Communicate promptly with the committee about attendance and task management.
  • Dedicate time to complete committee tasks. Time will vary depending on needs.

WPCampus Community Guidelines

Committee members are important delegates of the WPCampus organization. They are expected to uphold our community guidelines, including the WPCampus Code of Conduct and our principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Accessibility.

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