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2022 Leadership transition

The WPCampus 2022 leadership transition is complete.

WPCampus has completed its efforts to implement a new leadership model for our organization and is now governed by a Board of Directors and a new set of Bylaws.

About the leadership transition

The WPCampus Leadership Transition was a project by the WPCampus community to implement a new leadership model for our organization. From the founding of WPCampus in 2015 through the end of the transition in January of 2023, the leadership of our organization was handled by our Director, Rachel Cherry. Guided by our organization’s principles and priorities, along with feedback from our community, Rachel made the majority of leadership decisions and steered the direction of our organization.

On April 13, 2022, Rachel Cherry announced that she was stepping down as Director of WPCampus and looking for help from the community to implement new leadership. Rachel also announced that WPCampus recently received 501(c)(3) status as an organization. To keep our non-profit status rolling forward, we had to appoint a new Board of Directors.

Shortly after the April 13 announcement, a working group was formed to take charge of this leadership transition process.

End result of the leadership transition

Starting in January 2023, the WPCampus leadership model moved from one Director (Rachel Cherry) to a Board of Directors. Rachel will serve as one of the initial Directors in the role of “Past President,” who serves as a non-voting advisor.

Visit the WPCampus governance page for more information.

About the working group

The working group met every two weeks and was comprised of members of the community, including but not limited to:

  • Rachel Cherry
  • David Dashifen Kees
  • Ed Beck
  • Arianna Story
  • Paul Gilzow
  • Robin Smail
  • Blake Bertuccelli
  • Jason Woodward
  • Eric Sembrat

The goal of the WPCampus Leadership Transition working group was to define and implement a new baseline leadership model for the WPCampus organization. The working group successfully formed a new Board of Directors and created a new set of organizational bylaws.

Our community is so grateful for all the time and energy donated by the transition working group. This group of individuals gave their time and skills to ensure that our organization has what it needs to succeed and grow.

Decisions made by the working group

While the working group had to make decisions to meet its objectives, it did not make decisions regarding the organization’s mission, direction, or finances. The new Board of Directors will make those decisions. This working group’s strategy decisions were based on current organizational priorities and parameters. Any decision this working group made can be reversed or modified by the new Board of Directors.

The working group’s main document is a great document to reference if you are interested in the transition process. The document was the main record source for planning, tasks, questions, documents, resources, etc.


The following is the timeline of the leadership transition process.

Leadership before the transition

Before the transition, WPCampus had one leadership role: its Director, Rachel Cherry. Rachel was responsible for the organization, including its finances.

The duration of Rachel’s leadership lasted from the founding of WPCampus in 2015 to January 2023.

Rachel made all organizational decisions. Rachel’s decisions were informed by WPCampus guidelines and feedback from the community.


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