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WPCampus is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide education, resources, and support for anyone using the web to advance education.

The WPCampus Bylaws establish management procedures and serve as an operating manual for our leadership and community. The bylaws are a living document and can be edited and changed by the Board of Directors as they see fit.

Our bylaws are vital to our governance structure to ensure accountability and transparency and define boundaries and expectations.

Our bylaws were created by the community itself as part of the leadership transition working group that worked to implement our Board of Directors. While creating our bylaws, the working group’s goals were to ensure the Board has a solid foundation to empower them for success, provide them with essential oversight, and not burden them with unnecessary bureaucracy.

The current version of the WPCampus Bylaws was stamped as version 1 on September 14, 2022.

Read the WPCampus Bylaws (v1)

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