About WPCampus

WPCampus is a community of web professionals, educators, and people dedicated to the confluence of WordPress in higher education. Our mission is to advance higher education by providing a support structure and wealth of knowledge for anyone who uses, or is interested in using, WordPress in the world of higher education. We also support and organize multiple conferences.

Much like online businesses or blogging, higher education is a world of its own with unique challenges, content, stakeholders, and target audiences. Higher education is WordPress at enterprise level but we don’t worry so much about which e-commerce plugin is best. Instead, we’re more concerned with managing large-scale networks of faculty blogs, abiding with FERPA and accessibility regulations, and implementing tools to promote research data.

WPCampus members are using WordPress to power learning management systems, intranets, large university websites, and whatever else is needed to support their institution.

The world of higher ed is a great great candidate for utilizing WordPress to its full potential, whether it’s using the powerful CMS to stretch limited resources or using its API capabilities to share information and break down silos.

What is WPCampus?

  • A community and resources for people who use WordPress in higher education.
  • Our mission is to advance higher education.
    • At this time, we mainly focus on professional development for those who work in higher ed.
  • We have two conferences a year
    • An in-person event in July
    • A virtual event in January
  • We also have a blog, podcast, and resources.
  • All of our conference sessions are recorded and placed online for free.
  • Most of our action takes places in our Slack account.
  • Wish to contribute to our blog?
  • Curious what topics we discuss?
  • You do not have to be in higher ed to get involved.
    • We welcome all who wish to participate to support our mission.
  • All who participate must agree to the WPCampus Code of Conduct.

How WPCampus Began

This community (and conferences) are the brainchild of Rachel Cherry, a web engineer with a passion for all things WordPress and higher education. She loves going to WordCamps but there was never content focused on the topics she wanted to discuss as a higher education web specialist. The idea for the conference all started with a tweet in August 2015…

… and has since formed into a widespread community of over 800 members and 4 conferences.

How To Get Involved

Starting in the fall of 2015, WPCampus has become a thriving online community of networking, resources, events, and more. All WPCampus events and resources are open to faculty, staff, students, and even professionals outside higher education, from all over the world. Our main communication resource is a thriving Slack channel and we’d love to have you join the conversation.


We currently host one in-person and one virtual conference each year.

Our next event, WPCampus 2018, will take place July 12-14, 2018 at Washington University in St. Louis. Our most recent event, WPCampus Online 2018, took place January 30, 2018.

All of the sessions from our events are recorded and available on our videos page.

Visit the website for each event to learn more:

WPCampus, and our events, are not WordCamps and are not affiliated with the WordPress Foundation.

Host Universities

Our in-person conferences depend upon the gracious support from universities to host our event and keep the costs low for our attendees. Each year we release a request and application and are ever grateful to the schools who offer up their campus in support of our community.

The following schools have been host universities for WPCampus events:

Industry Partners

WPCampus is proud to work with, and receive support from, amazing partners in the world of WordPress and higher education. These partnerships make us better and help us work towards our mission for the betterment of higher education.


HighEdWeb is an amazing organization of professionals working to advance the web at institutions of higher education. Their members design, develop, manage and map the futures of higher education digital communications and services. HighEdWeb publishes the LINK journal and hosts multiple conferences each year.


Pantheon provides a reliable platform and lightning fast hosting for the WPCampus network of web sites. We are grateful for their ongoing support of our community. If you’re looking to improve your infrastructure, get your free organization account now and explore the benefits they can bring to your institution.

Code of Conduct

WPCampus seeks to provide a friendly, safe environment. All participants should be able to engage in productive dialogue. They should share and learn with each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We require all participants adhere to our code of conduct. This applies to all community interaction and events.