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Hello WPCampus friends!

We’re excited to announce that our Call for Proposals for this year’s conference will be opening soon! We’re looking forward to another year of wonderful ideas, demonstrations, brainstorming, and benchmarking.

Session Topics

As in past years, we’re looking for a variety of topics on anything that might bring value to our community. WordPress and higher education are key themes, but we want people to share on their own experiences in various arenas: accessibility, design, development, strategy, management, usability, governance, etc. Anything you’ve found valuable in contributing to higher education communities and/or the web.

If you’re considering applying, but are hesitant, start by checking out our Speaker Training videos. If you’re having trouble finding inspiration or fleshing out ideas, these videos may help get your vision into a submittable format. And feel free to share your ideas with us for feedback!

Speaker Benefits

Accepted speakers will receive complimentary admission (one free ticket per session) and hordes of gratefulness, admiration and superstar status for your investment in higher education.

AND, new this year, the first submission of the year will receive a WPCampus Care package, including a t-shirt, coasters, and our unconditional love and gratitude, plus a shout-out on our Twitter account. One more reason to start that brainstorming early!

Session Formats

While the majority of sessions will be comprised of 45-minute presentations, we would love to provide a variety of formats. If standing up in a room in front of a bunch of people and talking for 45 minutes isn’t your thing, no problem! Lightning talks can be just as valuable for attendees.

  • General Lecture Sessions
    Talks will be 40 minutes with 5 minutes for questions.
  • Hands-on Workshops
    A few 2-4 hour hands-on workshop time slots are available. Workshops are usually held a day early.
  • Lightning Talks
    A 15-minute presentation for quick topic overviews. Our lightning talks are viewed by all attendees. We really enjoy this time together, sharing insights on various topics.
  • Panel Discussions
    A 45-minute session with a facilitators and experts on a topic.

Still Undecided?

You’re still reading so you’re thinking about speaking. If you’re unsure because you don’t feel like you have anything to say, keep this in mind: the people that get up and speak aren’t always the experts. They’re just the people who said yes. You have value and insight to share and we would love for you to say yes and share your unique experiences. Your story needs to be heard.

Stay tuned for the Call for Proposals announcement and we hope to see you in July!

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