Apply to Host WPCampus 2019

Do you work in higher education and use WordPress at your institution?

The main event for the WPCampus community is our summer, in-person conference. It gives us a chance to come together (from all over the world) to learn, share ideas, network, and explore.

If you’d be willing to help plan and host an event, we’d love to bring our community to your campus. It’s a great opportunity to invest in higher education and education technology.

Visit our conferences page to learn more about our previous events.

Selection criteria

The most important details of the event are:

  • We want the event to be held on a college campus.
  • We’re looking for availability in mid July for a 3 day event.
    • We prefer Thursday-Saturday.
  • We want to keep the cost reasonable for our attendees.
    • Donated or low cost space would be appreciated.
  • We want to be close to an international or large, non-regional airport that has easily available flights.
    • Within 15 miles of the venue would be preferable.
  • We want attendees to have access to on, or near, campus housing.
  • What kind of catering options are available, or limited, by your venue?
  • What are nearby entertainment options?
    • We are quite fond of karaoke.
  • We need at least 1 room that seats 200+ for main sessions and 3-4 rooms that seat 80+ for breakout sessions.
  • Will there be available parking on-site or nearby?
  • We need session recording/live streaming capabilities.
  • We need strong wifi to support 200+ attendees during sessions.
  • We need tech/AV support to ensure wifi and live streaming stay running.

Have questions?

If you have questions, Rachel is always around. You can reach her on the WPCampus Slack or at rachel [at]

Application deadline

WPCampus will take applications until midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST) on FRIDAY, February 15, 2019. The WPCampus planning team will evaluate the applications, reach out to each applicant to follow up with any questions we might have, and choose the location that best fits our needs and priorities in order to provide an amazing experience for all attendees.

Apply to host WPCampus 2019

  • Your Institution

  • Please include the campus address.
  • Please include any general information you'd like to share about your institution. Is there anything we should be concerned about?

    If your institution has an online photo gallery that we can view, we'd love to check it out. Please include the URL. We're looking for general photos of your campus, not necessarily the venue (that will come later) that will help give us an idea of the landscape.
  • Planning Team

  • The planning chair for your institution will be an official co-chair, along with someone from the WPCampus community, for the conference. The chair will have planning responsibilities and be expected to attend meetings.

    1. What is your job title? What department do you work for?
    2. How do you specifically use WordPress at your institution?
    3. Any other information you'd like to share would be wonderful.
  • Does your institution, or anyone on your planning team, have experience planning conferences? If so, please describe in detail.
  • Event Information

  • We realize that dates are contingent upon many variables so we will not ask for specifics until later in the process. We are looking for a 3 day event in mid July, preferably Thursday-Saturday.

    For now, we simply ask that you give us some general information about availability on your campus. Which days of the week are best for your campus?

    Please provide as much detail as possible at this time, including any concerns.
  • Venue(s)

  • Please include any general information you'd like to share about your possible venues. Is there anything we should be concerned about?

    If your venue has an online photo gallery that we can view, please include that URL here.
  • Travel/Lodging

  • Please include any general travel information that would be important for the event. List the closest airports and their distance. Specify their status: international, national, or regional. What does public transportation look like? Do you have a metro system? Ridesharing?
  • Please include any general lodging information that would be of interest to our attendees. For example, are there on-campus hotels? Off-campus hotels? Would we have access to on-campus residence halls? Provide as much detail as possible, including distance to/from the venue, cost, etc.
  • Why would you like to host WPCampus?

  • If you would like to submit any accompanying files, please email them to