The following data is automatically updated from the WPCampus Get Involved form submissions (and other planning surveys) and will be used to help plan potential WPCampus events. No personal or identifying information is included. Use our contact form to submit any questions or comments.

The Community

The following information gives us some insight into who is interested in WPCampus.

Number of people interested: 1106


Those interested in WPCampus could select multiple areas of involvement. The following shows the amount of interest for each area out of the 1106 submissions:

  • Attending: 1059 (96%)
  • Planning: 257 (23%)
  • Speaking: 505 (46%)
  • Hosting at your university: 182 (16%)
  • Sponsoring: 130 (12%)


I don’t think this data is too surprising. For most, attending an event in person is usually preferable but, for those who can’t make it, it would be great to provide a live stream as well.

The Sessions

The form asks “For a WPCampus event, what sessions would you be interested in?”. There was an “other” option which allowed folks to submit their own ideas which is not included here. This information could be helpful in planning different event tracks or for seeing what topics interest the community.

Choosing The Best Time Of Year

We asked folks “What is the best time of year for you to attend a WPCampus event?” This information will help us choose which time of year might be best for maximum attendance.

Choosing The Best Location(s)

The following maps highlight the location and region of everyone who is interested in attending a WPCampus event in person. Knowing where possible attendees are traveling from will help us choose the most cost-efficient location(s) for the event.

Note: The “Where would you be traveling from?” field was not required so the number of markers does not also represent the number of interested attendees. These markers represent 681 (62%) of the total 1106 submissions.

Interested Attendees By City/State

[google_maps id=”47″]

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Interested Attendees By Region

The following map breaks down the interest by region.

Universities Interested in Hosting

The following universities have shown interest in hosting a WPCampus event. If you would like to add your university to the list, please let us know.
[google_maps id=”866″]

This map was created using the Maps Builder Pro plugin, thanks to the team at WordImpress.

Voting On Our New Name

83 votes were cast on our new name. The following chart shows the results.

Tools Used