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From our Community Blog:

Status of WPCampus 2020 conference survey

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The impact of COVID-19 is being felt around the world. While WPCampus 2020 is still four months away, the effects of COVID-19 are rapidly evolving, and the emotional and physical health of our members is our primary concern. We also strive to be positive global citizens. Doing our part to stop the spread of the virus, and minimize stress, is vital. Many members of the WPCampus community have also reported that travel at their organization has been suspended.

The WPCampus 2020 planning team is conducting research into whether or not this year's in-person conference will be postponed until July 2021. Tulane University in New Orleans has agreed to continue to be our in-person venue sponsor if we decide to postpone. If our in-person conference is postponed, we will most likely host a virtual conference in its place. We will also re-open our call for speakers.

We ask and encourage you to complete this survey and help our community make this important decision.

We will close the survey at the end of the day on Monday, March 23, 2020, and announce our decision shortly after.

Complete the WPCampus 2020 survey

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