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From our Community Blog:

WPCampus 2020 Online to change dates to July 29-31

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On April 23, the Drupal Association announced “the first-ever virtual DrupalCon” which will take place July 14-17, 2020, the same time period as WPCampus 2020 Online. We felt there is enough crossover in our community to at least consider moving our dates so community members can attend both events.

We surveyed the community and the feedback was overwhelmingly in support of the decision. Thank you to all who participated in the survey.

WPCampus 2020 Online will now take place on July 29-31, 2020.

Registration will be free, thanks to sponsors

All along, our hope was to host a free online event. It was simply a matter of budget.

Because of the generous and ecstatic support of our amazing sponsors, we're excited to announce that WPCampus 2020 Online will be a free event!

Be sure to contact these organizations and let them know how much we appreciate them.

Attending WPCampus 2020 Online will be as simple as visiting the WPCampus 2020 online website. Registration will be required and will open early June.

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Surveying the community

Here are the results of our survey from 80 responses.

How do you feel about WPCampus 2020 Online changing dates in light of DrupalCon's announcement?

This was a single choice question.

  • 42 participants (52%) selected "I don't have a preference"
  • 32 participants (40%) selected "I would prefer WPCampus 2020 Online change dates so DrupalCon and WPCampus don't take place at the same time"
  • 6 participants (8%) selected "I would prefer WPCampus 2020 Online dates stay the same (July 15-17, 2020)"

If WPCampus 2020 Online changes dates, which dates would you be able to attend?

This was a multiple-choice question.

  • 70 participants (88%) selected "
  • 64 participants (80%) selected "
  • 1 participant (1%) selected "None of the above"
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