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Customizing Gutenberg: Lessons learned at Georgetown - WPCampus Online 2019

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The new Gutenberg editor comes with so many great content blocks. However, what if your editors have special use cases for their content that cannot be easily created with Gutenberg’s out-of-the-box blocks?

At Georgetown, we have created a series of custom Gutenberg blocks in an effort to address our editors’ unique content needs. This session will demonstrate to the audience:

- How we compared the needs of our content editors with Gutenberg’s OOTB features.
- An overview of how we created some of our custom blocks.
- How to go through Gutenberg’s Github repository to get the most out of extending the editor.

You can learn more about this session on the WPCampus Online website at

Joni Halabi

What is WPCampus Online?
WPCampus Online is a virtual conference focused on accessibility and WordPress in higher education, brought to you by the WPCampus community. The third-annual event took place Thursday, January 31, 2019. Learn more about the event at

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