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Death of the Media Query

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Session Description:
We’ve all been there. Your site looks beautiful on mobile, tablet, and desktop but 768 pixels to 900 pixels is a disaster. Creating a truly responsive website experience goes beyond using bootstrap. Front End Developers consistently find themselves creating elaborate sets of media queries that are time consuming to create and difficult to maintain.

This talk will explore browser-compatible innovations in CSS that you should start employing in place of bulky frameworks and a maze of media queries. The end result will save time and create more adaptive web experiences.

We will walkthrough practical use cases for the calc function, Flexbox, and CSS Grid.

Saied Abbasi

What is WPCampus Online?
WPCampus Online is a virtual conference focused on WordPress in higher education, brought to you by the WPCampus community. The second-annual event took place Tuesday, January 30, 2018. Learn more about the event at

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