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Helping Faculty Figure Out Where WordPress Fits

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You can learn more about this session on the WPCampus 2016 website at

Session Description:
Today’s college faculty often finds itself overwhelmed, even confused, with the various options placed before them for storing and managing their digital “stuff”. This is especially true in the Community College setting where a majority of our faculty are part-time adjuncts. Our adjuncts often face greater time constraints and outside demands limiting their ability to learn about, understand, and set up / maintain their own faculty web page.

At Lone Star College (LSC), every faculty member (full-time and adjunct alike) is given their own WordPress-powered website. Until recently, though, few had taken advantage of this. LSC is working to change this sentiment by educating faculty while providing new, useful features.

In my presentation, I will cover the usefulness of faculty WordPress sites and how we implement our strategies.

Bruce Caraway

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