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Session Description:
Nicky Agate, head of digital initiatives at the Modern Language Association, will discuss the society’s collaboration with Columbia University Libraries on CORE, or the Commons Open Repository Exchange, a Fedora plugin for WordPress/BuddyPress that enables an open-access repository to work in a socially-networked scholarly ecosystem.

Like other open-access repositories, CORE facilitates the distribution, discussion, and citation of the many products of research, including articles, monographs, conference presentations, data sets, and open educational resources. What makes CORE stand out, however, is its social facet, the fact that it is not an independent entity but an integral part of the WordPress/BuddyPress fueled Humanities Commons.

The presentation will propose the MLA/Columbia University Libraries collaboration as an experiment in integration and collaboration, both between WordPress, BuddyPress, and Fedora, and between an academic institution and a disciplinary-based society, suggesting that it gestures towards pathways for other nonprofit entities to leverage the open power of WordPress and work together towards more useful (and more used) alternatives to commercial educational technology solutions.

Nicky Agate

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