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Higher Ed WordPress Showcase

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You can learn more about this session on the WPCampus Online website at

Session Description:
WPCampus ran a comprehensive survey with 486 respondents answering over 50 questions on how their campus uses WordPress. In November of 2015, University of Colorado shared the result of a 132 university CMS survey. WordPress was overwhelmingly the CMS of choice for secondary properties, and the second place winner for primary university domains. Stats like these are amazing and encouraging to see. Brass tacks though, seeing is believing. I have consistently found that practical examples in the field inspires the imagination and gives the credibility needed to bring stakeholders along with you. We are going to explore a dozens case studies from a wide variety of institutions showcasing how WordPress is being used in higher ed: from course catalogs to permission systems, event management to LMS, commerce to academic publications, directories to food management, digital signage to internationalization.

Case Studies come from interviews with MIT, Stanford, Boise State, Columbia, Boston University, Harvard, University of Washington, Conroe School District and many more.

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Survey Data:

Travis Totz

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