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How we are creating consistency of brand, responsiveness and accessibility - WPCampus 2019

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A recent brand redesign provided the opportunity to develop resources for our 15 colleges and all of their units for creating usable, accessible, responsive websites in the new brand. Our effort began with idea that if we build they will come. Then we received support from the top administration and switched gears to enterprise CMS -- a fully customized WordPress multisite.

We have spent a year identifying our Phase I priorities and needs, re-tooling our platform, training users and continual, iterative development of new functions and features. Through collaboration with an advisory committee and regular feedback and reporting on progress, we are currently at 233 (this number grows daily) sites completed with 181 in development and many more expected over the next year.

Our latest endeavor is to expand the development of the platform from our core team to include a network of developers across campus.

You can learn more about this session on the WPCampus 2019 website at

Kimberly Charles

What is WPCampus?
WPCampus 2019 was the fourth annual in-person conference for the WPCampus community, a gathering of web professionals, educators and people dedicated to the confluence of WordPress in higher education. The event took place July 25-27, 2019 on the campus of Lewis & Clark College. Learn more about the event at

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