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Incorporating the aXe Accessibility Testing Engine Plugin in WordPress

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Session Description:
NC State has recently built a WordPress plugin using the aXe Accessibility Testing Engine by Deque Systems. We are finishing up our pilot of this within our own Office of Information Technology group and are gearing up to launch the tool to the rest of our campus. In this session, we will go over how the WordPress plugin uses aXe, the logistics of deploying and configuring it, and how to utilize the engine to run reports. We will explore how you can customize your reports and our plan for rolling out the plugin to campus. We will demo how we have incorporated into our WordPress sites and show example reports.

As we examine an example report, we will highlight basic accessibility barriers that the tool is reporting, why these barriers are significant hindrances to accessibility and how to fix them. In addition, we will go over how to read the reports and show the documentation that we have created to accompany the reports for our users.

- How to incorporate and run the aXe Accessibility Testing Engine in -
your WordPress sites
- How to run and customize aXe reports
- Understanding of common accessibility concerns

Brian DeConinck
Crystal Tenan

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