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Level Up: Centralized News and WordPress

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Session Description:
We all know WordPress can do just about anything. In this session you’ll see how you can completely revolutionize (and simplify) the way your institution communicates with external and internal audiences. Vanderbilt University is using a WordPress to run its extensive news presence (including video and audio) – – with multiple front-ends available for highlighting various segments (Research, Media, Colleges, Medical Center, Internal Audiences, etc).Learn how we: use a tagging system so that every faculty member, department and school has their own news feed that they can pull onto their own websites; create email-client-compatible html email newsletters automatically from our WordPress content; integrated our URL shortner, so that each story automatically generates a shortened URL and pre-populates a tweet; re-purpose stories across multiple front-ends; create easily accessible help menus within WP for our non-technical content posters with “how to” tips on creating new stories, posting video, scheduling posts, etc.

Lacy Paschal

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