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WordPress and Real-World Data with Students

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Session Description:
Education is often most powerful when the digital and real-world merge in ways that increase the power of both. We’ve built a variety of instructional and technical-design patterns to create custom tools for students and faculty that help achieve this blend. These sites help guide reflections, assist in data analysis, and augment the data gathered in seamless ways. The additional ability to create interactive repositories of the aggregate data extends the value of the actions for both students and the larger community.

Participants should expect to see a wide variety of examples in courses ranging from field botany and African-American studies to psychology and community engagement. These examples will also span the technical spectrum from simpler form-based options to more advanced custom work with interactive analytics dashboards.

Tom Woodward
Jeff Everhart

What is WPCampus Online?
WPCampus Online is a virtual conference focused on WordPress in higher education, brought to you by the WPCampus community. The second-annual event took place Tuesday, January 30, 2018. Learn more about the event at

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