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Registration is open for WPCampus 2020 Online

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WPCampus 2020 Online is set for July 29-30, 2020The WPCampus 2020 Online planning committee is proud to announce the WPCampus 2020 Online schedule and open registration.

How to register for the event

WPCampus 2020 Online is a free event thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. You can register for WPCampus 2020 Online on the event website. Registration is required to access the event. It will remain open throughout the event and will not be limited.

Register for WPCampus 2020 Online

Two-day schedule is now available

You might also notice that our dates have changed (again) from July 29-31 to July 29-30. This will be the final change.

The first time we changed our dates, it was because of a conflict with DrupalCon. This time the reason is more personal. To put it simply, we’ve been listening to feedback and feel a three-day event with a half-day of workshops and two days of lectures would be a bit too much for everyone, including organizers and attendees.

We decided to remove workshops and set the event for two days on Wednesday (July 29), and Thursday (July 30). By leaving Friday open, we hope that attendees will be more likely to focus on the event because they can use Friday to get caught up on work before the weekend.

We want to allow everyone to enjoy our time together. When you attend our event in-person, you’re physically separated from your work environment. While responsibilities and distractions inevitably pop up, the physical distance makes it easier to focus on learning and networking. Achieving this work boundary is more of a struggle in an online environment.

We recognize that while attending an online event, you’ll most likely be sitting at your workstation. We want to be mindful of your time and duration of online activity. We want to foster opportunities where you’re more likely to detach from work and focus on your professional development.

Introducing initiative for recurring workshops

We know the value workshops and similar extended session formats can bring to learn more about a specific topic. We do not want to remove this value from our community.

Instead of limiting workshops to our conferences, we’re introducing an initiative to host recurring workshops, seminars, or classes throughout the year, hopefully monthly or bi-monthly. We’re excited by the opportunity for increased professional development, networking, and time we can spend together.

If you are interested in driving this initiative forward, we have published a few surveys and would love your feedback. We’re also looking for topics and presenters.

Complete the WPCampus workshop surveys

WPCampus is matching donations

One of our WPCampus traditions is to use the “previously allocated to swag” portion of our event income to support a nonprofit organization. Swag is fun, but it can be wasteful. We choose to use those funds to help people in and outside of our community.

Traditionally, we sponsor a fundraising campaign to support a local organization. For WPCampus 2019, we raised $3,000 for Free Geek in Portland, Oregon. This year we have decided to recognize and support the vital #BlackLivesMatter movement, technology education, and those struggling with COVID-19.

For this year’s fundraising efforts, we have chosen five organizations and will match up to USD $3,000 in donations to these selected organizations. We’re already over halfway to our goal with $1,705! To participate: learn about eligibility and submit your donation. We will accept submissions until July 31, 2020, or when we’ve met our $3,000 match limit.

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