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From our Community Blog:

Final numbers for the WPCampus 2020 Online donation campaign

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One of our WPCampus traditions is to use the “previously allocated to swag” portion of our event income to support a nonprofit organization.

Traditionally, we sponsor a fundraising campaign to support a local organization. For WPCampus 2019, we raised $3,000 for Free Geek in Portland, Oregon.

For WPCampus 2020 Online, we decided to recognize and support the vital #BlackLivesMatter movement and those struggling with COVID-19. We chose five organizations and asked community members and conference attendees to submit matching donations.

With a goal of $3,000 in matched donations, we received $2,340 in submissions. Among our trivia and door prize winners, ten elected to donate their winnings towards a selected organization. These donations increased the total amount by $200. We divided the remaining $460 (towards our $3,000 goal) among the organizations.

While we didn't quite reach our goal of $3,000 in matched donations, the WPCampus organization donated $3,000 and overall helped to raise $5,340. We consider the campaign a great success!

Here are the numbers donated to each organization. We invite you to learn more about each organization and continue to contribute to their cause.

  • Black Girls Code: $507 from WPCampus, $882 overall
  • Black Lives Matter: $817 from WPCampus, $1502 overall
  • Feeding America: $327 from WPCampus, $522 overall
  • NAACP Legal Defense Fund: $1,062 from WPCampus. $2,012 overall
  • The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): $287 from WPCampus, $422 overall

Thank you to all who donated. WPCampus is a community before its a conference. We are humans before we are web professionals. One of our organizational pillars will always be to do what we can to support and care for each other.

As a side note: we are publishing session recordings from the conference as soon as they are processed. The first one available is an excellent presentation from Joe Dolson: "Update on the Gutenberg accessibility audit”:

Check the WPCampus 2020 schedule often for new recordings. We will publish a blog post when the process is complete.

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