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Participate in the WPCampus 2021 Survey

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Due to COVID, and the ongoing instability surrounding in-person events, WPCampus 2021 will be presented in an online format.

Not being able to spend time together in-person (again) is rough, but we hope to be able to meet in New Orleans for WPCampus 2022. Besides, being online means greater access and increased opportunities for all who wish to participate.

We are also looking to host our annual conference later in the year (August-September), as opposed to our usual mid-July timeframe.

As always, we value and rely on community feedback to make decisions about the event, including dates, formats, and topics.

Please help us make the best decisions for our community by answering the following questions.

The results of this survey will be shared with the community.

The WPCampus 2021 survey

The WPCampus 2021 survey has closed.

Thank you to all who participated. We will post the results when we announce the event.

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