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From our Community Blog:

WPCampus 2023 to be hybrid event, in-person and remote proposals due Friday

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Format of past events

For past in-person WPCampus events, we have always live-streamed our sessions during the event and published them online for free (you can access our content in the WPCampus Learning Library). Otherwise, we have limited the majority of interactions at our in-person events to our in-person attendees.

We mostly contained the event to be in-person due to the breadth of challenges required to host a hybrid event. Made even more challenging by the fact that all of our events are organized and managed solely by volunteers.

Starting with our first conference in 2016, we recognized the in-person format's exclusive nature. Starting in 2017, we began organizing a second annual conference that is fully online to make space for more accessible and inclusive content and interactions. After COVID hit, we organized one conference per year, fully online, in 2020 and 2021.

Hybrid format and other changes for WPCampus 2023

For 2023, we are back to hosting in-person events, but we are going to take a few steps this year to convert our annual in-person event to a more hybrid format.

Here are the changes being planned for this year:

  • WPCampus 2023 will host in-person and remote presentations
  • We are offering a discounted in-person student ticket for $75
  • We will continue our tradition of live-streaming our sessions for free
  • Online attendees will be required to register for a free online-only ticket to access the event’s online streams and functionality on July 13-14
  • We will provide a method for in-person and remote attendees to chat throughout the event

Register for WPCampus 2023

In-person and remote proposals are due Friday, March 31

WPCampus 2023 is looking for stories, case studies, how-tos, hypotheticals, demos, panels, and more to bring our community together for learning, sharing, and support. If you can’t join us in person, we’d love to have you share with our community remotely.

Knowledge-sharing is one of the keystones of higher education, and the WPCampus conference is a great opportunity to share what you've learned with your peers.

If you have an idea for a session topic or need ideas, we have a collaborative session ideas document where you can access existing ideas and add your own.

The call for proposals will close on March 31. The planning committee will begin its selection process and be in touch shortly thereafter.

Submit your WPCampus 2023 presenter proposal

Event Safety and Responsibility

We are working to define our Event Safety and Responsibility policy for the event.

We have just received some COVID information from Tulane and are working to ensure any of their policies are adopted.

We will publish our policy on the event website soon.

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