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From our Community Blog:

Announcing the WPCampus 2023 schedule

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Early bird pricing ends on Monday, May 8

We know how challenging it can be to deal with budgets in a higher education environment. Since we are just now releasing the schedule, we are granting one more business day to grab early bird pricing.

Pro tip: use the $50 you save on the general admission ticket to register for one of our workshops.

Purchase early bird tickets for WPCampus 2023

On-campus housing is filling up

If you want to book a room in our on-campus dorm, we encourage you to book it soon. Our space in the dorm is half full. We can ask for more rooms, but we may not receive more rooms. We also have a block of rooms at a nearby hotel.

Book lodging in the on-campus dorm

Announcing the WPCampus 2023 schedule

The WPCampus 2023 program selection committee is proud to announce the program for this summer’s 3-day event at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Day 1: Workshops

The main conference takes place on days two and three. On day one, we kick things off with workshops! Giving workshops their own day allow us to dive deeper and spend more time on important topics. We charge extra for workshops ($50) to cover the facility costs and a snack break. Registration is required. Workshops are for in-person attendees only.

This year’s workshops include:

Day 2: Lightning talks and sessions

At WPCampus, we like to start the day with everyone in the same room, learning together. In the past, we’ve begun the day with lightning talks before separating into separate tracks. For this event, we will spend each morning together.

On Thursday, we will start the day with lightning talks before we hear from a panel on “Collaborative Writing in Higher Ed and Getting Ready for Gutenberg Phase 3” and learn remotely from Helen Lee and Melanie Meyers from the Justice Institute of British Columbia on Supporting Diversity: Case Study in the Design and Development of Multi-Cultural and Multi-Lingual Courses.

After lunch, we will divide into two rooms and learn about various topics, from providing homegrown accessibility training to how digital media students used WordPress to create their portfolios and how Monmouth University prepared for full site editing.

All sessions on day two will be live-streamed for free with our online-only ticket.

Day 3: WPCampus Community chat, sessions, and something new?

For our final day together, we will start the morning with WPCampus’s new President: David Dashifen Kees. David, known as “Dash”, will lead a “Community Chat” to discuss recent changes to WPCampus leadership and plans our new Board of Directors has for the future.

For now, the rest of Friday morning is “TBA” or to be announced. We are working behind the scenes to hopefully book our first-ever keynote presenter. We hope to announce this presenter next week.

After lunch, we will divide into two rooms and learn about various topics, from building user-friendly admin dashboards and extending wp-cli to developing a design system with the block editor and University of Mary Washington’s almost 20-year history with WordPress.

All sessions on day three will be live-streamed for free with our online-only ticket.

Explore the full conference schedule

Event Safety and Responsibility

We at WPCampus are committed to providing a safer environment for conference attendees, especially with regard to community and public health. Therefore, we have implemented Event Safety and Responsibility policies for the 2023 conference at Tulane University in New Orleans.

These policies were created with the community’s health in mind by referencing local, state, and federal guidelines and communicating with Tulane University administration. These policies strengthen the WPCampus Code of Conduct.

All in-person attendees will be required to abide by these policies for the duration of the event. If you have already registered for the event, event organizers will contact you via email to discuss.

We published this policy on April 27, when we shared this statement in our last newsletter. We apologize for not being able to publish this policy sooner. We had to take our time to ensure our policies aligned with the policies of Tulane University.

Read the Event Safety and Responsibility policies

Looking for volunteers for WPCampus 2023

We depend on our volunteers to make this event a success. We will need in-person and online volunteers.

You can help us in many ways – starting with prep before the conference and continuing through every session until the lights go out Friday night. We will need online volunteers to help host and moderate the online chat.

While we can't comp your in-person ticket, we only ask volunteers to help for small chunks of time. In return, we offer large amounts of gratitude, and a gift, for your time.

Volunteer for WPCampus 2023

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