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From our Community Blog:

Create accessible navigation from scratch with WordPress

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No matter how users get to your sites, they deserve an inclusive, accessible experience. A main navigation component built with accessibility in mind goes a long way towards this goal. Fortunately, WordPress leaves the implementation of accessibility best practices up to theme and plugin developers. This means that by carefully thinking about how to build a menu from the 'ground up', we can help all of our users use our sites better. Instead of relying on the default WordPress navigation menu functions, this presentation will demonstrate:

- The basics of menu accessibility
- How custom a WordPress Walker class can be used to create accessible markup
- How to write flexible and extensible CSS to ensure that the menus are usable even without javascript
- How to implement Javascript that enhances the user’s experience

You can learn more about this session on the WPCampus 2018 website at

Adam Berkowitz

What is WPCampus?
WPCampus 2018 was the third annual in-person conference for the WPCampus community, a gathering of web professionals, educators and people dedicated to the confluence of WordPress in higher education. The event took place July 12-14 on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis. Learn more about the event at

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