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From our Community Blog:

After the Gutenberg Audit

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The WPCampus Podcast is back!

If you're in higher ed, you have to care about accessibility. There's no getting around it: the digital experiences we provide to our communities have to be accessible to everyone.

So when WordPress 5.0 made the "Gutenberg" block editor the default editing experience --- and when many in the WordPress community expressed concerns about accessibility barriers in the editor --- WPCampus stepped up. With support from over 100 donors and a generous donation from Automattic, WPCampus commissioned an independent accessibility audit. The results of the audit are now available at, giving our community a wealth of information about the new editing experience.

In this episode, WPCampus members Jen McFarland and Brian DeConinck, both from NC State University, discuss what comes after the audit. At the institutional level and for the WordPress project as a whole, what comes next?

Mentioned in this episode:

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